Matt Helmenstine

13 years of guiding, exploring and enlightening.


Willow Creek Academy - Sausalito

and My Class Page

Social Science Instructor for the 6th, 7th and 8th Grades (Ancient, Medieval and American Histories respectively)

Much of my teaching involves simulations, interactive multi-media, documetaries, debates and re-enactments - all of which enable the students to learn by doing.

Aim High (Yik Wo), San Francisco

Humanities Master TeacherDevelop and teach 8th grade English, History and Geography lessons centered around the students community and heritage.      

Teaching Credential from SFSU

Student Teaching at Metropolitan Arts & Tech High School

- Student TeacherTeach 11th & 12th grade US History to a diverse student
body using a differentiated instructional approach.
- Substitute
Teach 9th & 10th grade English, Spanish, and History classes.

Peace Boat - Global English

Global English InstructorTaught English, Middle Eastern History and Cultural Awareness to Japanese passengers on a voyage circumnavigating the globe.

Niiza Board of Education - Saitama, Japan

ESL InstructorCurriculum development and instruction for over 600 Students in the 7th, 8th, & 9th grade English Conversation Programs.

Nova - Saitama, Japan
ESL Instructor - Taught conversational English to all age groups in rural Japan
CELTA - Brisbane, Australia

July 2003

Cambridge Universities ESL Certification Program - over 250 hours of ESL training and instruction.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Adventure Ocean childrens program

Youth Staff CouncilorCoordinate activities & events for 40+ children aged 3-17
inLingua- Brescia, Italy

ESL InstructorTeach all levels of English Conversation and Grammar to businesspeople and children.

A.C.L.E., Ferrentino and Cannecati, Italy

ESL Teacher Plan and teach English lessons and prepare dramatic performances for Italian children aged 8-14.