San Francisco - Bay To Breakers


Serena and I ran/walked the 12km San Francisco Bay to Breakers this year and I completed in 18,717th place with a time of 2:13:21. I decided not to run the first part and picked up the pace after the Hayes street hill. When Serena and I first arrived off the ferry we were confronted with a huge crowd all hyped and amped. We packed in with the rest of the folks eagerly awaiting the early 8AM start time. As the time drew closer we edged closer to the starting line but with thousands of people all crammed together, we weren't really able to make any head way. For the final few minutes we were entertained by a sky full of beach balls and tortilla shells being hurled through the air. Once the race started it took a good fifteen minutes before we were able to reach the starting line. Once crossing the starting line we were greeted by a number of naked folks running and walking along with us. At first it was quite a sight but then after the 100th naked person goes by you tend to become desensitized to it and forget they are there.

There were some great outfits to see along the way, the best being the 20 people dressed as salmon running upstream with a sushi chef close behind.

Once we passed over the top of Hayes Street hill I decided to run a bit of this race. I ran past over ten thousand party goers cruising across town like never seen before. The city was literally turned upside down. People were dancing to the music, pushing kegs of beer in shopping carts and getting plastered. It was great. Next year I'm going to be in the back of the pack!